Spa Marketing Plan

Did You Know That Most Spas Operate Without A Marketing Plan?

How about you, do you have a marketing plan?

Marketing is one of the most crucial components to any business’s success! Operating under the old adage, “Build it and they will come,” is no longer a viable business strategy. With today’s competitive market, a detailed marketing plan is the only option to ensure and sustain your success!

If you are frustrated with the lack of new traffic, it’s time to have your own marketing plan!

Marketing for Success is a step-by-step spa marketing plan designed to assist you with customizing an effective marketing plan for your spa.

Discover… Marketing For Success


What You’ll Gain

  • A step-by-step marketing plan, 100 pages
  • 62 different marketing mixes
  • An annual calendar
  • Promotional samples
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased traffic and sales
  • Maximized profits

Learn How To

  1. Generate new leads and turn them into loyal guests
  2. Retain existing guests
  3. Regain lost guests
  4. Create a need and desire for your products and services
  5. Promote your products and services
  6. Build brand awareness
  7. Create emotional connections with your products
  8. Build your business

What You’ll Receive

  • 100 page marketing workbook
  • Annual month-by-month marketing calendar
  • Bonus CD: 10 Economical Marketing Strategies

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Implement the Marketing for Success Plan and manage your marketing efforts to gain exponential growth!


Marketing for Success Plan
Price: $350

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