Marketing For Success Volume I


Welcome to Spa Marketing For Success Volume I

Marketing is one of the most important business functions. Without marketing, your business will be stagnate and flatline. On this page, you will find the CoachMe Gold Marketing For Success series. It’s divided into two volumes, each containing a one hour tele-seminar to help you drive more traffic to your spa, medi spa, and/or salon.

The content is filled with easy to implement and economical marketing strategies.

Each module contains:

A one hour audio
You can download the entire audio and listen on the go.
In case you prefer learning from written materials.
Business Tools
Aditional business resources to guide you.
Private page access
You will have lifetime access to the online program.

How Does it Work?

All you have to do is join and you will gain access to a new module each month. This will give you plenty of time to implement what you’ll learn on monthly basis.

What Will You Gain?

  • Increase your spa’s capacity
  • Improve your guest retention rate
  • Enhance your guest experience
  • Maximize the spa team capacity
  • Improve your marketing skills
  • Generate and convert leads into clients
  • Increase sales, and more!

Who is it ideal for?

  • Spa Leaders
  • Marketing Directors
  • Spa/Salon Managers

Marketing For Success Plan

Do you have an annual marketing plan?

Designing an effective marketing plan is now easier than ever before. This marketing plan template outlines every step needed to customize an effective marketing plan. Simply follow the outline and input your information. It offers numerous strategies including a month by month marketing plan with suggestions. With simple modifications, you can use it year after year… Marketing for Success provides a marketing map to insure your business’ growth and success.

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Marketing For Success Volume I

  • 1

    Marketing Essentials

    Are some of your treatment rooms sitting empty? Marketing is one of the most important functions in your business! Listen to this module and gain insight on all the necessary pre-marketing essentials needed to ensure your success! As a result you will know how to forecast the number of guests needed, assign marketing responsibilities and measurements, menu pricing, and content development. Implement these marketing essentials and prepare for increased capacity and success!

  • 2

    Lead Generation Strategies

    Do you focus on lead generation to build your business list? Building your list is a crucial process to ensure spa growth! In this module, you will learn how to attract and generate qualified leads and how to turn them into clients by building relationships. Gain tips to stimulate and capture the interest of spa goers. Dori will take you through the lead generation process and will teach you to assess your current strategies, increase the double opt-in rate, provide you with lead management tools, client/spa relation techniques, and implementation strategies. You’ll be able to generate new leads and build strong and qualified list that will help you grow your business.

  • 3

    Effective Automated Communication

    Are you in constant communication with your guests? You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” It’s true, therefore as a spa and salon owner you must maintain an open line of communication between you and your clients. Some of this communication can be automated. Automated communication from the spa/salon will ensure clients’ engagement and help position you for success. This module will teach you how to create automated communication to build relationships with the new leads, post opt-in, post appointment, post visit, and MIA. It covers how to craft the perfect automated communications with minimal effort.

  • 4

    Maximizing Guest Retention

    Is your spa retention rate something you are proud of? Retention is one of the most important performance reports a leader should monitor. Though many strive to deliver a great guest experience, the true measures are your retention rates. If you have a medi spa, a day spa, or a wellness center, your retention rate should be at least 50%. This module will teach you how to deliver a great experience and how to implement membership programs to help you increase retention and revenue. Learn how to develop and price your spa memberships, marketing and selling programs, as well as how to set your sales goal, and develop a loyalty program. Consistent satisfaction will boost your spa’s reputation and keep people coming back!

  • 5

    Preparing and Launching a Marketing Campaign

    Does your marketing campaign consist of sending out one email? To succeed with your marketing efforts you must focus on marketing campaigns. When a marketing campaign is executed well, it can be the difference between gaining 1 new guest or many per day. In this module, you’ll learn what exactly a campaign is, how to develop your campaign, set sales goals and budgets, preparing marketing material, sales process and strategy, launching your campaign, and measuring campaign ROI. Implement this module and make your marketing efforts soar!

  • 6

    Media Exposure

    Are you paying high dollars for marketing? You don’t have to. You can gain spa exposure from the media for free. This module teaches a wide range of strategies to help separate you from your competition. You will learn how to build media relations, create your tools for media exposure, how to reach out to media outlets including the importance of developing your stories for the media, presenting, speaking, writing articles and more. Connecting with the media is a very valuable asset to help you brand your spa and gain publicity without spending money.

  • 7

    Positioning Yourself as an Expert

    Are you the “go to” person spa expert in your community? This module is a great continuation from the previous one. As a spa and salon leader, it’s essential that you position yourself or someone on the team as an expert. You want the media to know who they should go to for quotes, interviews, new trends, success and so on. Listen to this module and gain guidelines for public speaking, speaking opportunities, presentation preparation, presenter tips, tele-classes, and post-event suggestions. Being an expert will attract potential clients to your spa and help set you apart! Practice these strategies and be ready to be the expert within your community.

  • 8

    Business 2 Business Relations

    Do you have key business-to-business partnerships? Business partnerships are extremely beneficial and will help your spa business in many ways. Listen to this module and learn how to create B2B relations to help you build your list and boost revenue. You’ll learn about business partner selection, B2B tools you’ll need, smart marketing approaches for B2B relations as well as how to create a presentation for a lasting partnership. Knowing how to effectively communicate with other businesses will provide you with all sorts of new opportunities to gain new leads and clients that will be beneficial for both of you. Build B2B relations to save and make more money.

  • 9

    Gaining Corporate Spa Accounts

    Are you working hard or smart? Though attempting to gain one guest at a time is an orthodox method of generating revenue, a better way is to go after corporate accounts. In this module you will learn how to obtain big sales by developing a corporate program. Large corporations are looking for ways to help their team de-stress so they can be more productive. You will receive a presentation to help you present your wellness program development, presentation tips, and sales strategies. Gaining corporate accounts will help you increase your revenue exponentially and reduce your marketing cost.

  • 10

    Quick to Implement Economic Marketing Strategies

    Do you think marketing is expensive? Absolutely not! Listen to this module and tap into 20 economical marketing strategies that are effective and super easy to implement. Learn several unique marketing strategies that will grab the attention of your target market and entice them to purchase and repurchase your products and treatments. You will learn how to create electronic messages, self-promotion, sponsorships, newsletters, contests, testimonials, and phone messages, just to name a few. These strategies will put you ahead of your competition and help you grow your business!

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