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Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

Most spa and medi-spa professionals are busy wearing multiple hats. Sound familiar? This forces marketing efforts to take a back seat, even though it’s one of your most important functions!

Most day spas & medi spas operate at 35% of their capacity?
What about yours?


IMAGINE someone else doing your marketing for you!


Marketing that will lead to:

  Increased Traffic   More Revenue   & Higher Retention!

day spa medi spa marketing saves money

Done For Me! has you covered!

Below are some of the Done For Me Marketing that you can check off your list.


Monthly Ezine Content & Design

monthly spa marketing emails Fact: Having an e-Zine is a very valuable marketing tool, but writing articles takes research, editing skills, time and not to mention, a lot of effort to design it all! Solution: Done For Me! Spa Marketing provides you with a high-quality monthly e-Zine, featuring articles based on health, wellness and beauty, a healthy recipe and images to make the e-Zine more appealing to your audience. The e-Zine is prepared monthly and emailed to your database for you!
We will write and design the e-Zine to portray a professional image, leading to strong client relations and increasing spa/medi spa visits! Simply provide us with your monthly promotions, success stories, and news features and we will do the rest!

E-Mail Promotions

Fact: Planning and preparing a mid-month marketing e-mail is a time-consuming process. Solution: Done For Me! Spa Marketing creates one email blast per month for your promotions or a reminder communication you may wish to send out for an event, sale, etc.
Simply provide us with what you would like to feature and we will prepare your email blast for you and archive it to your website!

*There are no strings attached to this program. You can try it. If you like it, keep it. If for some reason you want to stop, please provide us with 60 days’ notice due to the fact that we work 45 days in advance to complete your newsletter and other Done For Me Marketing items.