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Spa and Medi Spa Marketing is the heart of every spa business. “Done For Me Spa Marketing” offers everything you need to market your spa business effectively.

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Whether you are looking to recreate your spa website, your spa menu, total branding, launch new products, direct mail campaign, newsletters, or if you are looking for spa marketing coaching, you will find it all here.

If you are not operating at a minimum of 75% capacity within your facility, you are likely in need of new marketing strategies. We have a track record of helping spas like you. If you are ready to elevate your success by increasing your capacity, we are ready to help you. We have a team of USA experts who speak your language and who are willing to help you.

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InSPAration Management takes pride in creating and offering result-driven spa and salon business solutions, tools, and programs. See the testimonials from entrepreneurs describing how their businesses were positively impacted by participating in InSPAration Management educational programs, coaching, and consulting! Let us help you elevate your success!
I met Dori and her team through a software developer that I utilized last year. I have to be honest in saying that I was completely skeptical because I was utilizing a digital marketing team that had over promised and under delivered. I was completely lost and looking for answers as a new business owner. In one CoachMe call, Dori and her team enabled me to earn over 42k in one day at an event. I was so pleased with her direction that I decided to fly down to Orlando for the Leap Ahead seminar. The tools I learned in the Leap Ahead seminar were life changing. I was even more impressed so I decided to hire her and the entire InSPAration management team to develop my website. My website is one of the best in the industry!! I get compliments everyday and I couldn't be more pleased with the results and the dedication from Dori and her team. My business is soaring and I am so pleased that I have a better understanding of where I am. I highly recommend Dori and her team to anyone looking for direction on their business. There is a saying that stuck with me at Leap Ahead, "those who fail to plan, surely plan to fail" Thank you Dori and InSPAration management for giving me back my sanity and the tools I need to be successful. As Dori would say, "Cheers to your success” - Founder and Injection Specialist   , Estetica MedSpa Tosha Dove Freund RN, BSN
Lynn Bancer Every one of my team members watches a "Dori CD" every month and they watch them over and over again until it sinks in. My payroll and expenses are in line and my guests are guaranteed a wonderful experience. I have also stopped discounting, in essence raised my prices, I did more money in business every one of the past 3 years seeing less guests, Oh and I spend less than $500 a month on advertising when I used to spend thousands. Dori makes it simple and I have great confidence in what Im doing since I know that everything she teaches me is "tried and true" I enjoy my job so much more and Im making money too! -   The Body Wrap Shoppe & Spa Lynn Bancer
I have purchased every CD, joined the CoachMe Gold and Silver membership program! It was the best thing I did for my business. We experienced 96% growth last year and now we are opening a second location! Thanks Dori & InSPAration Management. -    Stacey Gaff

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